Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. | Dividing Assets and Debts in a Disolution

Division-Marriage-AssetsWhen couples decide to divorce, one of the many things they consider is how to divide the assets or property they have accumulated during their marriage. This includes things like:

  • checking and savings accounts
  • automobiles and other vehicles or sporting equipment
  • the marital home or other real estate
  • retirement accounts
  • investment portfolios
  • stocks and shares in a company or business

In Indiana, the presumption is an equal split (50/50) and it is up to either the husband or wife to prove a claim for deviation. Sometimes, parties will be required to sell assets and divide the proceeds. Other times, property can be divided between the parties.

The attorneys at Ruppert & Schaefer have experience with high asset divorces. To schedule an appointment, please call (317) 580-9295.


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